Ministry Directory


We invite you to participate in ministry, a wonderful way to meet new people, to be fed spiritually, and to step out to serve Christ.


Children's Ministries

Children's Ministry 

Caters specifically to children and young adults. These ministries give children a chance to grow spiritually while having fun and meeting and making new friends.






Children's Church

Children's Church is a place where children enjoy being in the presence of their peers and get an understanding of who God is.


Missionettes/Girls Ministry develops girls spiritually and mentally. They provide an environment for girls to develop their gifts, abilities, and talents.

 Royal Rangers

While mentoring boys into future men, Royal Rangers shows boys how to be leaders, independent, and equip them with Godly morals and values.



Educational Ministries

The Educational Ministries are a great way to grow in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the Lord. These classes cover the personal teachings of God as well as the teachings of others in the Bible.





Bible School

Preparing men and women for the life of service, through the Berean University.

Bible Study

 Helping believers to grow and mature in their faith and providing practical help they can grasp.

Sunday School

 Sharing the knowledge of the word of God, training children, guarding youths, and preparing adults to serve.


Family Ministries

Family Ministries

 Building and Keeping of the family as they are taught how to serve the Lord and  manage and balance the home. 






Men's Ministry

 Encouraging men to be an example to their family and serving the Lord.

Women's Ministry

 Women with a Godly purpose, serving, praying, and building up others.

Singles Ministry

 Providing opportunities for singles to interact, know each other, and use their gifts to help others.

Married Couples

 Enriching the marriages of couples, and strengthening the family and home.


Media Ministry

 Uses technology to serve the church, community, and areas throughout to spread the gospel in new ways. 







 Service Ministries

Service Ministries

 Serves those in need, shows compassion, and invites everyone in with open arms.






 Follow-Up Ministry

 Contacting first time guests and helping to meet their needs.

Greeters/Usher Ministry

 Welcoming, seating, and treating our guests with love as they share and participate in our services.

Hospitality Ministry

 Providing a warm inviting atmosphere for our guests and those in need.

Prayer Ministry

 Interceding for the needs of our members, friends, community, missionaries, and pastors.



Worship Arts Ministries

 Brings together other forms of worship to spread the word in fun and creative ways.





Dance Ministry

 Communicating the message through the expression of dance.

Drama Ministry

 Presenting the gospel through the art form by using plays, skits, and other creative means.

Music Ministry

 Ministering to the Lord with praise and worship using our hands, mouth, instruments and symbols.


Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

 Developing teens and young adults for leadership in the church and world.









Praying, giving, and going to promote missions to reach the lost, supporting foreign and U.S. missions.